Thoughts on being tall

Being tall is a mixed blessing.

Or a curse, depending on your taste.

I’m not just talking about the inevitable bad back, the premature stoop and the often involuntary intimidation of young children and small animals that invariably follows from towering above one’s fellow travellers and hitting one’s head on inadequate doorways, but the level of expectation that goes with being tall that we’re not all capable of living up to.

Buerk! The Newsical

Rehearsals and debut performance in Leeds, 2011. Professional photographs by Samuel Payne.

Excellent Theatre in London: Love, Question Mark and The Changeling

I’ve recently been very privileged with my position as theatre critic for Entertainment Focus to see some excellent and original theatre. Love, Question Mark is currently running at the Tabard Theatre, and it’s written and directed by Robert Gillespie, who we were very privileged to chat to about his show. The Changeling is at the Southwark Playhouse and is a fast-paced Jacobean tragedy. Stunning performances in both, and great showcases of what theatre is (or should be) all about.

Here’s my reviews:


If you prefer, you can read them here too: