EF Roundup

It always seems like a quiet week when I’ve not been out for an evening to the theatre or to see a gig.

The highlight’s been speaking to the brilliant actor Denis Lill. It’s the second time I’ve interviewed him, and he’s completely charming and gives such considered answers to questions it makes my job so easy! I barely need to tamper with the transcript to make it scan for a readership! Looking forward to seeing him in Murder on the Nile at the Bromley Churchill Theatre the week after next.

Valentine Days

Naughty me. I’d arranged to view a play on Tuesday evening. For some stupid reason February 14th didn’t ring any bells. So I spent the evening alone at Theatre 503 watching what was admittedly a great play. Mathematics of the Heart, ironically (and painfully) enough, is about relationships and the difficulty in meeting partners’ expectations. I was surrounded by couples. Pip was at home on his own.

Undoubtedly the critic gig has amazing perks, and it’s great to see so many shows. But there are times when I should really be at home.

Self Portrait No1

Not the best photograph, admittedly, but I’ll take another when the paint is dry.

It’s surprisingly hard trying to capture something of yourself. Mistakes, I’ve made a few. The nose is too long and aquiline, which forces the upper lip to be too large. But there are moments of structure and light I’m reasonably pleased with.

Self Portrait No1

Oil on canvas, 20x20, 2012