The Master at Work…

I’m busier than ever these days as a critic for Entertainment Focus, as well as working on my own reading and writing projects. Normally I’m at the theatre about twice a week, and I churn through books too. It’s a great privilege, hard work, and I love it!

Last night I witnessed Pip’s intimate knowledge of his craft first-hand, and it was fascinating to see. We were in Highbury for a gig at the Garage, and after a miscommunication meant that an arranged interview initially didn’t go according to plan; we retreated to an Italian restaurant across the road where, over two courses, Pip used his brains and charm to work out the result he was after.


Plans are afoot. I daren’t say too much in case it doesn’t happen and because it’s subject to change: but Pip has a big birthday later this year, and he’s plotting something justifiably grand!

It’s now over a year since we last holidayed. Australia was the trip of a lifetime and I loved seeing two major cities and their countryside environs, as well as being there for dear friends’ wedding. It was even worth the return flight home during which I was desperately ill and certain (in my melodramatic way) that I was dying! In our eight and a half years together we’ve also been to the Norfolk Broads, the Lake District, Tuscany and Vienna. I’ve adored all of them, and even though I’m still paying off Australia I can’t help but think travelling is money well-spent. The memories they lay down can become life-forming and precious.