Jamie Tabberer’s review of Buerk! The Newsical

You can see the full review on Entertainment Focus here, but this is a transcript of Jamie Tabberer’s lovely review of our show. I think he really ‘got’ the humour!:

A ‘newsical’ (see what they did there) based very, very loosely – if at all – on the life, times and loves of veteran 80s newsreader Michael Buerk (his name alone bestows such scope for affectionate send up). What can we say – this unexpected production from Tom Bailey and Greg Jameson’s delivers exactly what it says on the (incredibly random) tin. But approach it with caution, as the very specific vein of humour in question isn’t for everybody.

SoSoGay’s Buerk! feature

Saving the best until last is SoSoGay’s interview with me about Buerk!

Interviewer James Moore says “We haven’t laughed this much during an interview in ages, so if you’re drinking tea, put it down safely now.”

So pleased SoSoGay got our sense of humour! It’s not to everyone’s taste…

Here’s the feature in full:

Spotlight On: Greg Jameson (Buerk! The Newsical)

Posted by: James Moore in Stage 23 April 2013

Whats On Stage Buerk! Preview

Another preview of the show on Whats On Stage.

Full text here:

Comedy musical Buerk! The Newsical, a fictional look back to the 80s reimagining Michael Buerk’s career at the BBC, is coming to London’s Network Theatre from 2-4 May 2013.

Here the company give us five reasons to go…

1. Overdue concept
Astonishingly, Buerk! The Newsical is the first musical to be produced about TV news legend Michael Buerk. Kenny Rogers had the idea in 1993 but his unreleased magnum opus “Mikey B & His Moral Flippin’ Maze” ultimately came to naught. Buerk! The Newsical takes us back to the 1980s when he first met the beautiful Moira Stuart and befriended feckless weatherman Ian McCaskill. We’ve even thrown in Bob Geldof for good measure.