Thoughts on Peter Capaldi and Doctor Who

Most people know that I am a fan of Doctor Who. Many who have come to the series through the abortion of a remake assume that it and the classic series are one in the same, and are often faintly bemused to discover that I draw a distinction between the two. I treat the remake with apathy. I’m happy to concede and live with the fact that I’m not its target audience.

But Peter Capaldi is a proper actor. So, the question has fairly been put to me from several quarters: will I tune in again when he takes over the lead role?

General Ignorance and Knowledge

When I was seventeen I had an interview for Cambridge University. I had been coerced into applying to study medicine there, which was, and as far as I was concerned, was always going to be, a disastrous choice. That’s another story and a long one for another time.

I was asked which medical practitioner I most admired. The response I gave was ‘Christiaan Barnard’, not because I was hugely enthusiastic about organ transplantation, let alone heart transplantation, but because I’d heard of him (like most people on the planet).