I’m from North West England originally. I enjoy red wine and cheese, not necessarily together.

My favourite Doctor Whos are Patrick Troughton, Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy.

I have had all of my wisdom teeth removed.

I do not subscribe to a religious worldview.

I adore dogs.

I write. A lot. It saves having to have a social life.

I love the Sherlock Holmes and James Bond stories. I’m trying to mix them together.

I own an obscene amount of books. Fiction, biography and popular science are the best-represented genres, though I think I have a book on sport somewhere.

I am on the team of reviewers for the website Entertainment Focus. I am the theatre editor but my other specialities are books and cult British TV. I regularly post critiques, attend shows and interview celebrities.

I also paint in oils, when I have time, which isn’t often enough.

I am tall, relative to most people.

I intensely dislike bananas.

I’m co-father to two ferrets, Olive and Cocoa. Sometimes they behave. (Sadly Cocoa is now deceased.)

Olive and Cocoa

Olive and Cocoa. In a wicker basket.