Religion… It isn’t just comfort?

Religion, again. But my friend and colleague Robert Gillespie has penned a fascinating piece for The Commission on Religion and Belief in Public Life, which he’s called ‘It Isn’t Just Comfort?’ asked Ron. It’s well worth any thinking person’s time to read. It details a conversation Robert had with legendary theatre and TV director Ronald Eyre (recently mentioned by Alan Bennett in his play The Habit of Art). Check it out yourself to see what it was about religion that Ron struggled with.

Robert certainly has form in irreverence towards religion. He wrote (with Charles Lewsen) The Consumer’s Guide to Religion, probably the best-known sketch in the run of That Was The Week That Was. The then-controversial piece (cut down for television) was delivered by David Frost about ten minutes into the episode. It remains a classic moment of British television. There were complaints at the time, and an Anglican vicar suggested the BBC premises should be invaded by torch- and pick axe-bearing Christians. As was ever the way of religion…

I’ve had plenty of thoughts on religion myself, and its toxic social influence, as well as its blatant falsity and appeals to human arrogance and ruthlessness. However, Robert says it all succinctly and eloquently… Do you agree?