Bottle and Glass of Wine

Bottle and glass of wine
























For the first time in over two years… I’ve produced a painting.

I’ve had a couple of writing projects reach a point where I can’t, for the moment, push them any further: and rewrites on another are still happening in my head rather than on the page. So, whilst I’m taking a (very) brief hiatus from writing, I thought I’d crank out a painting.

Self Portrait No1

Not the best photograph, admittedly, but I’ll take another when the paint is dry.

It’s surprisingly hard trying to capture something of yourself. Mistakes, I’ve made a few. The nose is too long and aquiline, which forces the upper lip to be too large. But there are moments of structure and light I’m reasonably pleased with.

Self Portrait No1

Oil on canvas, 20x20, 2012

Painting: Dawn

Dawn, Oil on Canvas

A Painting for my parents

Given that my folks aren’t whizzes with the old “interweb”, I don’t think it’ll “spoil Xmas” to publish a picture of my recently finished painting here.

It’s oil on canvas, and I’ve called it “Dawn”, as it’s a landscape of the Peak District at dawn in spring, when two Jacobs rams caught my eye.

Lazy Afternoon Doze – Saffy On My Bed

Lazy Afternoon Doze - Saffy On My Bed

Lazy Afternoon Doze - Saffy On My Bed

Oil on canvas, painted summer 2010. The fastest I have ever produced a painting, completing it within 24 hours over two sittings. I’ve gone for light effect rather than reality. It was an attempt to capture Saffy having a mid-afternoon doze on my bed, warming herself to the sunshine coming through the window. It is on the wall of my parents’ house in my old bedroom.