General Ignorance and Knowledge

When I was seventeen I had an interview for Cambridge University. I had been coerced into applying to study medicine there, which was, and as far as I was concerned, was always going to be, a disastrous choice. That’s another story and a long one for another time.

I was asked which medical practitioner I most admired. The response I gave was ‘Christiaan Barnard’, not because I was hugely enthusiastic about organ transplantation, let alone heart transplantation, but because I’d heard of him (like most people on the planet).

Thoughts on being tall

Being tall is a mixed blessing.

Or a curse, depending on your taste.

I’m not just talking about the inevitable bad back, the premature stoop and the often involuntary intimidation of young children and small animals that invariably follows from towering above one’s fellow travellers and hitting one’s head on inadequate doorways, but the level of expectation that goes with being tall that we’re not all capable of living up to.