When I was fourteen…

I recently described being fourteen as ‘a fantastic age’, and my other half silently shook his head. It’s true that the teenage years are difficult; laden with the weight of expectation and rife with conflict. Learning to stand on your own two feet is even harder than learning to walk, and the painful experiences of the teenage years can scar you for life.

Gay Times Jack Andraka article

Check out the August 2014 issue of Gay Times Magazine for my article on teen scientist Jack Andraka.

An Ordinary Genius was a lovely article to write, and it was great to speak to someone so pragmatic and focussed. I’m delighted it all came together, and I’ve hopefully done my bit (through Gay Times) to increase knowledge about Jack Andraka’s pioneering work in medical research.

Jack Andraka

Jack Andraka



2013 so far has seen a happy collaboration with a literary agent about one of my books. This has been extremely hard work but very rewarding, and I’m now allowed to say that Artellus Ltd enjoy my writing and are working with me to hopefully further it.

There’s nothing more concrete than that to say at the moment. It’s a collaboration in progress. I have not give up the day job yet (I’m still gainfully employed three days a week as Roger Moore’s stunt double: though these days this rarely involves anything much more dangerous than poaching eggs, stepping into baths and running upstairs. Our days dangling off the Golden Gate Bridge are, alas, behind us.).

Would anybody like to produce/direct a play that I have written?

Would anybody like to produce/direct a play that I have written? I don’t really want to produce or direct it myself, as I feel too close to the work and I think it would benefit from somebody else’s interpretation to take it further. I’d also relish the chance to work with an enthusiastic and capable producer/director capable of working miracles (of the Humean kind) on a miniscule budget.

In brief, the play is:
A contemporary melodrama
For five actors: 2 males 28-35 and one 50-65, plus two females, one 28-35 and one 50-65
One setting only: the living room and downstairs bedroom of a contemporary house
Approximately 100 minutes in duration
Minimal props

Saturday 3rd September 2011

I’ve learned this week that patience is not my strong suit. As Christopher Hitchens has pointed out, patience is an over-rated virtue anyway. This was brought home to me yesterday when I had to wait in for two deliveries, neither of which had arrived by 4pm. By then, the sheer exhausting act of listening out for the door and the cabin fever was akin to Chinese water torture. Coupled with not feeling well, wrapped in a blanket and desperate for some sleep, I was, to put it mildly, grumpy by the end of the day.