2013 so far has seen a happy collaboration with a literary agent about one of my books. This has been extremely hard work but very rewarding, and I’m now allowed to say that Artellus Ltd enjoy my writing and are working with me to hopefully further it.

There’s nothing more concrete than that to say at the moment. It’s a collaboration in progress. I have not give up the day job yet (I’m still gainfully employed three days a week as Roger Moore’s stunt double: though these days this rarely involves anything much more dangerous than poaching eggs, stepping into baths and running upstairs. Our days dangling off the Golden Gate Bridge are, alas, behind us.).

I will post more news if and when it occurs. In the meantime, I am writing pretty much daily, and when I’m not writing I’m imbibing the authors who inspire my writing, many of whom shaped my childhood. That’s probably best left for another blog. Soon…